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Natural, in-content, high-DA, context relevant links from 100% real bloggers and publishers. No PBNs. Great links for great rankings.

You’ve built great content. You’re active on social media. You’ve even built citations and done press releases. You’ve done your SEO homework. So, why aren’t you ranking?

Simple. You need links.

Do what agencies do. Get contextual, in-content links from pages with high domain authority with anchor text you control.

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We produce quality content, a targeted link to you, and place it on real blogs. Real websites with real traffic. Real bloggers, real publishers, with high domain authority. The best ranking tool going.



We’ll ensure your link is placed with appropriate content with anchor text you control. Get all the control of a private blog network, but from a real blog. No begging for a guest post, no hoping for the best. 100% control.



Your link is permanent. It won’t disappear if you leave us, it won’t drop off at the whim of a PBN owner. Your link will exist as long as the blog does. It is, after all, a real link on a real blog.



Don’t get caught up in PBNs which can leave you high and dry when search engines catch them. Our real-blogger content links are the safest, and most powerful, backlinks going. Rank well, rank safe.

Start Building Now

Our pricing for a link building package is bespoke to your needs, but will generally start at £149 pcm for 14-15 DA20+ links per year, averaging a little over one-per-month.

We keep our link building speed natural and suited to your industry. You can even run our link building in parallel with your normal SEO efforts. 



Highly Qualified Team


Fraser Birt

Director, Principal

Fraser has been in the SEO (and general digital marketing game) for long enough to earn his share of grey hairs. (Fine, maybe more than his fair share.) If you call, you’re speaking directly to him.

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We work with hundreds of bloggers and content producers to get your links placed in relevant, high quality content, on real blogs run by real people. Nary a PBN in sight!

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Call or email Fraser, our principle, directly to schedule a chat. We build bespoke packages for all of our customers to ensure we’re building the right links and at the right frequency.


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